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Women's Dress Ragwear
Pattern: stripedRagwear

The original, vegan and functional fashion Ragwear is Different.cz ✅ All the pieces are in stock ✅ as postage above 1000 CZK free ✅ Women's and men's fashion apparel Ragwear prides itself on sophisticated cuts and quality materials. The brand is based on strict vegan standards , so their pieces are definitely not made of animal skin or fur, and they have certainly not been tested on animals. And we really appreciate that in the fashion world. In addition, these fashion pieces are created directly in our beautiful country, specifically in Prague! So if you buy your favorite dress or Ragwear jacket, you will support local designers.

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There is nothing left here. The last bits have bought a bear on a bike ...

And no one can be angry with a bear. On a bike. Right...

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