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Zaxy - new plastic shoes

  17. 05. 2016      Different TV CZ / SK

Another part of our beloved Different TV will definitely break you down as well as ours :) It's a brand new Zaxy that perfectly replaces the Mel brand. Zaxa shoes are beautiful, stylish, and in spring and summer they will have a poem.

Zaxa ballerinas , but also flip-flops or sandals will love you for their convenience. The soft, plastic material is incredibly comfortable and flexible, and so beautifully shapes your leg. In addition, all models are incredibly stylish, so you will not know which ones to choose before :)

This part will show you one of the first models you can see on Different.cz . But since the video can not be two hours, you certainly will not find it all. We have many more;) So do not forget to look and especially ... be different;)

Published by: Differenta Team

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