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Zax Shoes - walking like a cloud

  26. 04. 2016      From the fashion world

With the new season, a new brand - Zaxy - comes to Different. And as a huge avalanche of affection has begun around this brand of shoes, it's time to introduce your shoes. There were several question marks around the brand associated with the current Mel brand. Where did the Zaxy brand get what's new and why is it different? See the following paragraphs.

The Zaxa brand comes from Brazil, as well as the popular Melissa and Mel by Melissa. As for the Melissa brand, of course, the arrival of the Zaxa shoes does not change - the spring and summer collection is already stacked at Different.cz and you have been loving it for several weeks now.

The Mel brand, however, comes with a slight change, so that it will now focus only on children's shoes and become a child section of the Melissa brand. And let's not miss the lower prices of a women's collection of plastic shoes , there's just the new Zaxa brand .

It brings a beautiful collection of spring and summer boots that you will fall in love at first glance. The shoes are made of an incredibly adaptable material and so beautifully adhere to your leg and you will never have to worry about blisters. Additionally, Zax's ballerinae are equipped with a softened insole that will make you feel like you are walking through the clouds.

body ballerina Zaxy

Spring and summer Zaxy collections bring a wide range of ballerinas of all color combinations, elegant flip flops and sandals . The first part of this collection has come to us so far, and we already know that you enjoy it just as we do in a different team. Ballerinas are decorated with either a romantic flower or a bow . You can find them in black, body, pink, blue or yellow.

black balls Zaxy

Flip-flops are designed in a stylish and elegant style. At first glance they look like slippers and you can choose them in turquoise, pink, black, white or body design.

turquoise flip-flops Zaxy

The latest type of shoes offered by Zaxy are sandals . Plastic sandals are very interestingly solved by strips across the tip and the heel and have very effective fastening. Available in classic black or elegant body color.

Zaxy body sandals

It is also worth mentioning the girls' collection , which brings beautiful models for the little ones. Ballerinas are available in sizes 25-34, and so choose every princess.

Girls' ballerina Zaxy

The Brazilian Zaxes are just struggling in our hearts just like the first rays of the spring sun. And we've got our favorites for a long time at home. Check out our offer and you will see that you will not resist. ;) It's a superhuman task. So beautiful spring to all the divers!

Published by: Differenta Team

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