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Yankee Candle - the fragrance for moments of well-being

  15. 11. 2017      From the fashion world

Even before you really get into this inspirational article, just read this paragraph. Close your eyes and figure out how to sit comfortably in your favorite cocoa seat, wrap in your soft blanket, listen to crackling wood in a freshly flooded fireplace, and enjoy your moments of home comfort just by yourself. And suddenly your eyes open and you sit in your office and beside your computer, you have a candle burning with the most beautiful scent that will bring you to this comfort wherever you are, anyway and with anyone.

yankee candle

This is exactly what happens when you light a Yankee Candle candle . Yes, you read well. You say right now why fashionable e-shop Different.cz , full of original fashion pieces that you fill your wardrobes, shoes and dressing-rooms or cabinets, write about the relaxed atmosphere that a candle will bring. The world is wondering, but it's just as it is written here. Now, perceive yourself. Newly on our eshop, apart from your favorite pieces, you can also find these unique candles , which are also a fashion accessory. That's why we've decided that it's for you and for us to put on our eshop.

We are already going on them for a long time, we want to feel good in our work, pleasantly and actually at home, so we burn them here, so they will not even snap us that they are Christmas again . Because most of those candles are underlined. We are very attuned to Christmas, and therefore prepared too. So if you want to be like us, be different, you should go with us and buy your Yankee Candle. Or get inspired by this perfect gift tip .

Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle is not just a candle! They are stylish, design and, above all, quality candles, full of inexhaustible flavor, ideas and scents. The Yankee Candle brand features several types of candles, from the smallest to the largest. They are made from the finest ingredients, each part is subordinate to each other and complement each other perfectly. Each has its own story, which you can see in each product label.

How to burn the candle properly?

You have that. If you want the candle to serve you properly, you also need to take care of it properly. And in the following way. It is very important to keep the wick still 3-5 mm long , even before the first ignition. If there is smoke or a black sponge at the end of the wick, blow off the flame, cut off the wick, remove its burnt remnants and re-light it. If there is only a 1.5 cm high layer of wax, it is time to make the candle a tease . This prevents possible damage to the surface under the candle and the glass itself. Fairly important information, the candles are delivered in glass, sealed containers, larger ones.

You burn the smell of a candle more evenly, allowing you to always dissolve the wax to the edge of the glass. So the wax creates a smoothness that releases the smell most intensely. The candle is not recommended to burn for more than 4 hours in a piece . Ideally let them cool for 2 hours. Votive candles are designed to dissolve, so they are always pallet in suitable candles, not freely standing. Fragrant waxes have many benefits. He delivers the interior for up to 20 hours.

Published by: Differenta Team

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