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Yankee Candle Elevation

  02. 11. 2018      From the fashion world

The Yankee Candle brand is new - more beautiful, sleeker and sophisticated - Yankee Candle Elevation!

Candles with multiple wicks , which make the pond faster to create a more intense fragrance. It dissolves in your home for long hours, relaxes your senses, relaxes every moment of relaxation, and enchants every visit you welcome.

YC Elevation features a square vase of thick-walled glass with soft horns and a gold-bronze lid made of cut metal. The bottom of the vase has a recess shaped as a top of the lid that can be used as a base. The candle is so stable and luxurious.

You can choose from a variety of sizes and a wide range of aromatic combinations , according to your taste. So you have design decoration in front of any room, the perfect gift for your loved ones and the complement of dazzling aromas that take your breath.

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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