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Yankee Candle - DIY by Different

  05. 02. 2018      From the fashion world

"Do It Yourself" is actually a kind of culture, craftsmanship and art that people have been making or making things from all over the world, and they are coming back with enthusiasm. You can create anything from anything. You can paint, sew, stick, cut, build. Fantasies are not limited. But do you ask, what can we, the differentials, create? Did not find anything at the eshop that would inspire you to take advantage of? Have you noticed? Yes! They are Yankee Candle candles, or rather their glass containers.

It seems as though they were "born" for DIY. A nicely shaped glass with a fixed lid will gain your attention and energize your imagination. And if you do not feel creative by nature, we will be glad to introduce you to some of the inspirational inspirational ways to create a Yankee Candle candle that can be created from a container that will stay for you.

1. Stay with candlesticks, just a little more noticeable ...

Cleaned and washed glass can be painted at will to create a candle that will fine-tune your interior with colorful designs or motifs. You can also walk through the seasons or holidays that come during the year. Would it not be magical to put Christmas candlesticks, Easter bunnies or spooky Halloween pumpkins on the table that will be so special that all visitors will be envious of it? After creating a painting, it is enough to light up the Yankee Yandle Tea Candle, and the right relaxation can begin.

yankee candle

2. In the bathroom for little things, glass for moments without worry.

In the bathroom we all have a lot of things that we do not always know where to put together nicely and nicely. We mean cotton wool, cotton sticks, brushes or make-up. Take advantage of this Yankee Candle glass , either Classic or Décor. You can fill the pots with sand and small shells to give your bathroom a touch of summer vacation.

3. In the kitchen, where I breathe mummies, I also try Yankee.

Yes, even in the kitchen, candlelight will have practical use. Just tell yourself where you can find such stylish storage boxes in the store, such as coffee, tea, flour, sugar or pasta and rice. Additionally, you can refine them by painting or other decoration, according to the pleasure or interior design, so that they are not only practical but also beautiful.

4. From Candle Candle.

Yankke Candle Classic big has already burned you, for it still remains a lot of tea candles? It is a shame to hide them in a drawer or let them wait in a paper box before their moments come home. So use a large glass container with a lid that keeps it practically and stylishly for every fall.

5. For tender flowers, small flower pot.

Are you gardening or do you like to surround yourself with flowers or herbs in your apartment? Use more YC glasses on the plants. Just fill in a patch and plant basil or thyme in the kitchen, spring petrklíč or a little cactus that will decorate your window all year round.

Perhaps we inspired you,
do not be fooled.
The ideas are still a lot,
but it's a big bite.
They do not fit in here,
pinterest is my inspiration.
DIY Yankee Candle I like to have.

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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