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Yankee Candle - Collection Spring / Summer 2018

  11. 05. 2018      From the fashion world

Like every brand of clothing, the unrivaled candle brand has its collection and every collection comes with new scents. If you feel the candles are a winter thing, we'll get you out of the wrong. In this article, we will introduce the new Yankee Candle fragrance, not only to show candles, but also to other fragrances in the home or in the car, and remind us how to burn the candles properly.


New to Spring / Summer 2018 is full of fresh, inspiring scents that will inspire you the right holiday atmosphere. Just sit on the terrace or on the couch, light the candle, close your eyes and feel like you're on holiday. It does not matter whether you love mountains, deserts, or oceans and oceans - all the feelings you have on trips will come back to you with these unique scents. All scents are light, fresh, fruity, just like spring and summer!

We have recently added Yankee Candle to our eshop also fragrant pearls that make every room, very intense, also fragrant clips and car pins, fragrance to the socket, and last but not least, the various baking cups that you can find in the accessories . Candles can be found in different sizes and shapes, from the big Classic, to the votive, the tea and the fragrance waxes . If you have never made Yankee Candle candles, we have a great tip for you! To find out what smell is most enjoyable, definitely take the fragrance wax into the aroma of the lamp and choose your home-made fragrance.

How to burn the candle properly?

Let's tell you the basics of how to do it, it's quite alchemy.

  1. Before each ignition, you should have a shorter knot of at least 3 mm . This is because the candle does not burn with a big flame and burns up quickly, and so that the soot from the wick does not settle in the wax.
  2. It is necessary to burn the candle at the same temperature , you should not put it on window sills or fireplaces. The candle then creates a so-called tunnel, resulting in very rapid and uneven burning.
  3. Candles should be burned for about 4 hours, it is a long enough time to take the room intensively for 20 hours. Longer burning time is not recommended. The candle should ideally cool for 2 hours.

More info and inspo can be found in our video on Different TV !

Published by: Differenta Team

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