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  04. 05. 2018      Different TV CZ / SK


There is another part of Different TV, this time about the candlelight of the popular Yankee Candle brand with a new collection, new scents, but also about how to burn them properly. A good burning candle is quite alchemy. You need to burn it in a natural environment, not on window sills or on fireplaces. It is also important to cut the knot by 3 mm before or before each burn so that you do not have burnt pieces in the candle and do not create the so-called Tunnel.

Yankee Candle represents candles large, medium small, votive, decors, but also waxes . At our shop you can also find aroma lamps, different pedestals, as well as other fragrances in the home or in the car . So sit comfortably and let yourself be inspired. New fragrances are divine and we love them.


Published by: Differenta Team

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