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Xiss - Handbags and Bags Made with Love in the Czech Republic

  01. 07. 2019      From the fashion world

A Czech company, high-quality products, hand-made with great passion and love. That is Xiss. The brand Xiss represents truly original and minimalist pieces you simply won't find in regular shops. All Xiss products are hand-made and produced in one of the sewing workshops in Vysočina. The brand is primarily based on high quality. We have stored multifunctional pieces and you can now find them on our e-shop.

Why Xiss?

This idea first came to the founder's minds when they were little and the original meaning is know only to them. And what are these Xiss handbags and bags? Let's have a look at them.

Xiss Women's Handbags

Smaller crossbody handbags in several colours will astonish you by a tighten bag that is sewn into the handbag so that it's a part of it. You can wear it every day, it will tune up each of your outfits. We offer shoulder hanbags in two basic colours, in black and brown. Moreover, a part of each of them is a removable tighten bag in various colours that you can wear separately as a backpack. For xample, it's ideal for summer festivals or to sports outfits. The handbags look great with both casual and elegant outifits.

Xiss Travel Bags

What we enjoy even more, are Xiss travel bags whose size can be easily adjusted. You can wear them in your hand and also as a backpack. Their size is very similar to a size of hand luggage, so they are ideal to travel by plane with.  They are not only perfectly elaborated, but primarily well designed and maximaly well thought out.

Xiss Ladies Handbags

Xiss Ladies Handbags

Xiss Ladies Handbags

Xiss Ladies Handbags

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