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Area manager in Different.cz

Do you know ENGLISH, BULGARIA, ITALY, GREECE or POLS? And is it better worse Czech? Do you also love fashion? You are our man;)

Job Description: Product translations and marketing. Social networks. Communicating with our customers.

We require:

  • Smile, diligence and enthusiasm.
  • Work with PC, Internet and social networks.

We offer:

  • Beautiful offices in Pilsen.
  • Business background with 10 years of experience.
  • Nice young team

Send us your resume with a photo on milan@different.cz

We'll have coffee with us and we'll see;)


IT work in Different.cz

We need a PPC SPECIALIST with experience that will be entertaining to introduce news, automation, AI,
Can you grab our PPC in your hands and skip our performance drives? It runs fast and needs to keep pace.

What do I do?
Mainly PPC - Adwords. Sklick, PPC Bee, evaluation, etc.

And all the technical things that are being solved in Different.cz . Project management with programmers. Supervise the introduction of new marketing features.
Manage minisites. Supervision of Campaigns on FB, IG,

We require:

  • Smile and DRIVE.
  • Knowledge of PPC world, HTML, analytical thinking, marketing perspective, soc. networks.
  • Organizational skills. Communicativeness. Logical thinking.

We offer:

  • Working in a team of 90% nice girls :)
  • Growing online business = Growth possible.
  • Possibility to work only in the morning or just for certain days. But also on HPP! We do not defend ourselves.
  • Nice offices in Pilsen on Borech.
  • Get off the team and those bulls around .......... Yeah! We just wanted to say that they are not funny;)

Did you find a job that attracted you? So shit! Do not hesitate;) You live only once.

Send us your resume with a photo on milan@different.cz .

We'll have coffee with us and we'll see;)

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