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WoodWick Trilogy

  24. 10. 2018      From the fashion world

The room is a line of charming smell that soothes my mind and relaxes me. In a moment, however, a visit comes in, I breathe one more time, I bring it to the charming aroma of wild cherry and we go on it.   "But it smells wonderful!" it sounds already between the door - I knew that I did not fall with the WoodWick candle next door! Her smell is pleasing to everybody ...

WoodWick Trilogy

New Woodwick Trilogy is a new feature . I loved them the most because they are strikingly beautiful and they blend in with three different scents that match each other, fit, they are in perfect combination.

You can choose them in several designs, whether you like a small, large or medium, classic vase or atypical boat. Each color layer contains a different scent, and when the candle burns, the top layer gradually melts into the layer beneath it, creating a new and unique scent.

WoodWick Trilogy

Candles are, as it is known, a soothing element for our minds, more so at WoodWic , when burning their wooden wick cracks like fire in stoves, further enlivening a relaxing atmosphere of relaxation. They are great gift ideas for your loved ones and loved ones and design accessories for every home.

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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