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WoodWick-new home scent

  20. 09. 2018      From the fashion world

In today's busy times, few of us can relax, relax, enjoy a moment of relaxation. After a busy day, when approaching autumn or just fatigue, something like that desires not only our body but our mind. And sometimes they have to indulge them. We have a relaxing recipe for you ...

When you decide to take a moment for yourself, light up the WoodWick candle ! Advice over gold, you say? Light a candle and that's all? Read on to find out more about it :-)


The burning flame of a candle is generally a comforting element for everyone, the look in it positively affects the mind, which then subconsciously prepares the body for relaxation . The effect of the candle is also its aroma, which penetrates the olfactory center of the brain and from there affects our nervous system, which is relaxed under its "pressure".

With the WoodWick candle , every such moment is an experience. The charming scent will be scattered throughout the house or apartment, the soothing sound of crackling the fire in the fireplace that comes from burning a wooden wick.

WoodWick candles

Wooden candle wicks are in two designs, namely PLUSWICK and HEARTWICK .
Pluswick has a unique cross shape and allows up to 5 times faster wax dissolution than a classic cotton wool. Heartwick is long and very popular with customers. It creates a wide waxy pond, and thus a more intense spread of the fragrance of the interior. They both burn evenly and do not set the soot on the glass container.

woodwick wooden knot

How to choose the size, shape, design?

Choose love at first glance or taste! You can reach the size of the PETITE , which is a trial version for those who are not buying WoodWick yet so confident and want to try out the scent and experience a cracking knot. Another option is MINI, MEDIUM or LARGE HOURGLASS - elegant vase made of clear blown glass with a wooden lid that serves as a pedestal.

Do not forget about fragrance waxes in the aroma of the lamp , which are highly saturated with fragrance essences, and will bring your home up to 20 hours.

WoodWick candles


Her choice is important. It has to caress, not irritate your soul, it should blend with your personality and dissolve not only in the interior but also in your mind. The WoodWick brand offers you several fragrance sections, from which you can choose the right one ...

  • FRUIT FRUITS , which act fresh, juvenile and delicious "tasty"
  • HERBAL / GREEN, among which you can find the aroma of freshly cut grass, tender lavender or crushed leaves
  • FLOWERS playing with femininity, softness and sprigs
  • WOODEN / ORIENTAL from warm earthy, cedar dry and perfume oriental oriental chords
  • ROYAL / FOOD for lovers of delicious desserts, fresh baking or pronounced spices

WoodWick candles

Does it also attract you more and more? Leave now everything and go for a moment, for yourself, with the WoodWick candle? Let's get it together!


Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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