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WoodWick - how to choose the right scent?

  07. 01. 2019      From the fashion world

Are you going to get your first Woodwick candle and you do not know what smell to choose? We have great tips for you. If you do not have the chance to sneak at your own store in your own store, then it's no problem. You can order a so-called test pack that will tell you exactly which fragrance is ideal for you. But you can just get a little bit in trouble, love them for a few.


First of all, we would like to introduce you a test pack. Woodwick candles have a specific wooden knot, which is not necessary to shorten when ignited and which cracks amazingly. If you take this candle and close your eyes, you may feel that your home is crackling in the fireplace.


Let us return to the choice of fragrances. If you are not sure what to choose, clearly choose this test pack. You can take this package with you, for example, on a planned vacation in a mountain cottage or anywhere outside your home. The advantage is that you will always feel at home. These small packages, but can also serve as a great decoration.


Besides small test candles, we can recommend the Woodwick scented waxes , which you simply place in the aromalamp and place a plain tea candle under them. Even a fragrance wax will make you a room and you will also know if this scent suits you.

Once you have chosen your favorite scent, then it is worth investing in ships, vases or so-called trilogy candles that will last you long, and especially the cracking of the natural wood wick will be more intense.


Published by: Differenta Team

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