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Winter Shoes - Top Brand Tips

  15. 01. 2018      From the fashion world

Walk through the winter in stylish fashionable boots. The warmth of your feet is the foundation, so for you, we have some tips for top brands of winter boots ! Leather, with fur, boots, snow, or boots and bikers, such as the Emu, Crocs, Toms, Fornarina or Desigual brands. At our e-shop in the Ladies Shoes section, you really have to choose from, so let's introduce our brands.


The Australian brand Emu is in winter number 1 and is not surprised. It's a paradox, because in Australia temperatures will generally not drop below 10 degrees, but obviously the Australians know what's cold in the winter. Emu is a brand that has become famous for its bougainvillea . These leather and comfortable boots are made of high quality materials, specifically from sheep wool and leather . Some are water-resistant , some even water-resistant , with an impermeable membrane. All bumps have a slip non-slip sole and a reinforced heel. Any impregnation on leather materials is suitable for maintenance and lasts several seasons . Emu are not just balloons, but only in the spring and summer.

brown emu wales


You have long known that Crocs are not just plastic, perforated clogs, but also other types of shoes such as snowballs . Crocs is inspired by current fashion trends, offering truly original, timeless pieces that you will not have to be ashamed of in the winter. The snow is warm , suitable for the mountains, the snow, but also the city . In addition to our eshop, you can choose these warm boots with your Crocs children boots section.

Ladies Snow Crocs


Stunning, stylish pieces also feature the Fornarina Italian brand, which we have on the e-shop stacked quite a bit. Fornarina presents really beautiful, quality and especially extravagant pieces , which with their timelessness will get the hearts of many fashion lovers. Fornarin Winter Shoes feature both leather and neoprene inserts, so you can even come out in the warm, elegant tire in winter.

women's winter boots Fornarina


You probably do not have the Toms brand, you definitely know it for the unusual espadrilles, which are every year MUST HAVE a shoe piece , but Toms is a great collection of winter boots made from a waterproof suede, plus an inner fur or warmth Thanks to the One For One branding, for every pair of shoes sold, one pair of baby bottles from the developing country will be totally free of charge, so you'll be happy not only for yourself but also for someone else.

Snow Toms


The Converse brand is a revolutionary novelty, with leather shoes that contain fur or neoprene. The materials heat your legs, so you can wear your favorite candles all year round.

Converse Sneakers


And finally? Even the cherry on our cake, which we think is your favorite Desigual brand, featuring beautiful winter boots in the form of elegant boots, up-and-coming ankle or biker trends . Leather design adds luxury and quality sticker to our boots and you can choose from our e-shop.

Desigual ladies boots

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