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Winter coat. What will they tell you about?

  27. 01. 2014      From the fashion world

It is said that the first impression will always tell a lot about man. Do you want to know the color and style of your coat for you? So read on.

Basically by the end of March, your coat will be your best companion to go anywhere. Not only from a practical point of view, it will be the main visual means for most people you meet. Statistically, it is shown that the first impression occurs approximately after 0.6 seconds. Your festive wardrobe or party dress has been the most important outfit for you so far, but the reality is that only people who know you or are "socially tired" will see you. However, for people who do not know you personally and will meet out on the street at random, your top will be a clear definition. So what about your coat tells you about it?

source: google.com source: google.com

Hooded hood

It is said to be such a "Peter Pan" of coats. For boys and girls who do not want to grow up, looks cute and is ideal if you are doing a creative job, you are a little bohemian or teenage. On the contrary, it's not the best idea if you are building a career as an elegante in the office. Literally a cozy hood and lots of dimensional pockets can be practical for buying lace cans and waiting for a night bus, but is this a picture you want to project?

source: google.com But even the hooded coat can sometimes look elegant. It is a good choice. source: google.com


Trenčkot is no longer an option but a symbol. Christopher Burberry has played a crucial role in persuading British women that this type of coat is highly desirable as a fashion accessory rather than playing the role of rain protection. Do you remember the damp cloak that your grandmother hid in the closet? So it is now reborn. In flattering clutches and with dynamic hems it is also a hit this season.

source: google.com Kabát Trenčkot. source: google.com

original colorful Desigual Marian coat original colorful Desigual Marian coat


Do you want to become street children, but also be charming? American singer and rapper P Diddy stood face to face with this seemingly unresolved puzzle, and set out in the hood with a white fur hat. But it had a side effect for all media - the windbreaker, the golden zippers, and the artificial fur looked like a complete "tail" of the ghetto in the look of the worn jacket. However, if you choose the appropriate outfit, this coat can also be casual.

parka A modern park. source: google.com

Leather sleeves

How to recognize Vogue readers this season at 50? He'll have leather sleeves on his coat! This view was seen on a number of showers for this winter, evoking determination and love for fashion. Moreover, it does not expect much longer life than this season, so it seems that the wearer spent all its income for this fashion fad, and really divides the grain from the chaff.

source: google.com Coat with leather sleeves. source: google.com

Do you have your favorite piece in the closet and found in this article? Since the oldschool park is modern and can look cool, so do not be ashamed if you hide a favorite old piece in the closet and you can wear it;)

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