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Win the transformation with DifferentFashion.cz and DesignBlock - 38.DÍL - DIFFERENTTV.CZ

  23. 09. 2014      Different TV CZ / SK

We have a surprise for you. Win a break with us and study Design Block and experience a day full of fashion, beauty and experience. Send us your photo and if you choose, you can try our transformation. Let's start with a make-up in Dity Noskové Bezděkové studio. Studio Design Block is one of the best beauty studies in Pilsen.

Then we go to DifferentFashion.cz , Rooseveltova 9, Pilsen, where we will try out some outfits that could suit you. Everything will be filming our Different TV. Fashionable Internet TV with news from the world of exciting world brands. You will have a memory on your fashion day.

Learn more about the Spanish brand Desigual: http://modniznacky.cz/desigual/

And buy the Desigual brand with an authorized dealer for the Czech Republic: http://www.differentfashion.cz/cs/2-desigual

Published by: Team Different

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