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Why Louis Vuitton handbags sell a dinosaur

  20. 09. 2013      From the fashion world

If you own a large global brand, you must also be responsible for being effectively represented in all countries where it has its own representation. And of course this is a difficult task. Campaigns should be unified and carried in the same spirit. How to do it to reach the desired target group everywhere?

Louis Vuitton výlohy Louis Vuitton Expenses

Louis Vuitton výlohy s dinosaurem Louis Vuitton costumes with dinosaur

Most small merchants hire an arranger, or self-assemble, for example, stacking blank covers that complement the merchandise and some decoration. Louis Vuitton, on the other hand, believes in a great deal of power, which has the power to attract and attract the eyes of passers-by and over crowded classes with luxury shops, where they literally try to roll their competition. Even though the LV design of the handbags changes only marginally, LV captures the design shocking display case with a unique picture. That's to force customers to stop at least. Every season there must be something new that has not been here yet. Louis Vuitton handbags are not cheap, so it's all the more important to still show what the brand is all about.

Louis Vuitton - jak probíhá návrh výloh Louis Vuitton - how the drafts are running

Every idea in the Louis Vuitton creative team begins with a sketch ...

Louis Vuitton - zlatý dinosaurus jako tahák výlohy Louis Vuitton - A golden dinosaur as an elevator

And why is the golden skeleton of the dinosaur now? This idea was found by a Louis Vuitton designer while visiting the Les Jardins des Plantes Museum in Paris, where the remains of these prehistoric greats view both adults and children. Louis Vuitton brought these huge prehistoric skeletons back to life in surreal fantasy. Their bones are filled with Louis Vuitton Maison's shops, from which the ancient gold is shining.

Louis Vuitton - dinosauří vejce Louis Vuitton - Dinosaur Eggs

Louis Vuitton - dinosaurus a kabelka LV Louis Vuitton - dinosaur and LV handbag

And if you do not get to 5th Avenue Maison to New York, at least, enjoy these beautiful pictures of spectacular showrooms full of luxury.

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