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Why did different socks wear the first spring day?

  03. 04. 2019      From the fashion world

A few days ago you could notice a sock challenge on our facebook . More precisely, the 1st spring day, 21.3. We urged you to wear each other sock on this day. Why? Every day, World Down Syndrome Day is on this day. And for the support of people with Down syndrome, there is a so-called Sock Day all over the world.


Why 21.3. dress every other sock?

The cause of Down's syndrome is the breakdown of the 21st chromosome. Therefore, 21.3. Different socks with their heels symbolize the failure of the 21st pair of chromosomes. And that we have them at eshop. Make sure not only for the next international day.

March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day, a global day of consciousness officially observed by the UN. Every year, the voice of people with Down Syndrome and those who live and work with them grow. Therefore, Down Syndrome International encourages all friends around the world to choose their own themes, activities and events to help raise awareness of what Down's syndrome is , what it means to have Down syndrome and what people with Down syndrome play in our lives role. And so we have joined ourselves and invited you, our beloved customers.

The Internet is a powerful tool for raising awareness and thus helping you to share your different socks. You can even sign up for World Down Syndrome Day and share details of your activities and actions with the global community.

You and sock day!





Published by: Differenta Team

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