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Which WoodWick scented candle is suitable for October?

  01. 10. 2019      How to Dress Up

Good day,

I love WoodWick candles with a crackling wick and I'm just going to get some for the autumn months. What smell is right for the coming October? Could you help me?



Milá Šárko,

WoodWick has declared Amber & Incense and Black Cherry as the scented candles of October . After thoroughly sniffing these candles ourselves in Different, we can really recommend them! These scents are simply perfectly autumn. :)

Amber & Incense envelops your home in the rich scent of sandalwood with the smoky tones of exotic spices and herbs.

Black Cherry will bring a slightly more juicy and captivating aroma of black cherries.

Both fragrances in several sizes can be found in our e-shop of course!

Experience a cozy autumn atmosphere with WoodWick candles at home.

Image result for woodwick; Black CherryImage result for woodwick Amber & incense; Black Cherry