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What will we wear in the spring and summer of 2017?

  06. 03. 2017      How to Dress Up


would you advise what will be what will be this spring and summer wear? I'd like to start filling the wardrobe already.

Karla Valentová


Dear Charles,

you write in time, just on www.different.cz we are putting on a new collection for spring / summer 2017 and we have to admit it is God's. Desigual comes into the market with more moderate pieces, does not include colors as we are accustomed to this brand, and rather it is based on different styles. The absolute trend of this season is the Boho Chic Styl, inspired by the 70s, hippie, independence, but also female femininity. This trend is timeless, so you will not be out in the next season. Bohemian style is a loose, comfortable piece, complemented by mighty jewels and entangled or melted hair.

Denim Desigual

An immeasurable trend is of course denim. Denim jackets are captured this year with a variety of 3D applications or lace. You do not mess with classic Desigual dresses or the so-called luxury bag O bag. For several seasons, the shoes are Melissa , Zaxy or Crocs. Melissa smells so beautiful, so you'll fall in love with them right away.

Nice day, Nikol from www.different.cz

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