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What was DIFFERENT 2014?

  24. 12. 2014      From the fashion world

Another year at different rhythms is slowly coming to an end and we are already starting to balance. What's new in our country? And what's ahead of us?


In the middle of the year, we found out again that we were stopping to enter. At the headquarters of our company in Rooseveltova 9, we are currently building a floor of a new office on the floor of a new office (in the old we are already like sardines) and we will also increase the warehouse again. Perhaps at least some six months will last for us.

Desigual - store Plzen, Rooseveltova 9 Desigual - store Plzen, Rooseveltova 9

Web and new domain

You have luckily loved the new web design. We have implemented many new features and we are still tuning and solving the new pass through the basket. If you have any tip, please write to us. We do it for you.
To simplify dictation on the phone and write the address of our e-shop, we finally bought the domain www.DIFFERENT.cz . We're already starting to use it slowly in ads, and you can still use it too. It is up to you now if you write www.different.cz or www.differentfashion.cz;)

And we've tuned our logo! We at Different have been doing our hearts from the beginning so we used it in the logo. If you do not like it, do not worry - you get used to it and you will see that you love it;)

Different.cz - your fashion e-shop Different.cz - your fashion e-shop

Facebook and other social networks

More than 21,000 fans like us on Facebook. It's still our main channel where we like to communicate with you. We really read every one of your messages on our site, so do not be afraid to go there with us;)
Click on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Different.cz/ to "I Like This" and then on "+ WATCH";) Facebook does not show you all our other contributions. Then you will not miss anything and you will always be in the picture;)

We rotate it on all other social networks. The main ones are:

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/Different.cz/

Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+DifferentfashionCz

Facebook DifferentFashion.cz Facebook DifferentFashion.cz

New Brands

We've been flying around the world and looking for other new brands for you. Right from January, you can look forward to one beautiful new brand of accessories for the apartment. And we're sure you'll fall in love with her. And we will keep looking, our journey is far from end;)

Socks Happy Socks - one of the new brands on Different.cz Socks Happy Socks - one of the new brands on Different.cz

Fashion magazine

We have tuned and expanded the editorial team and Different Magazine grows and grows ...

Fashion magazine - Different Fashion magazine - Different

Payment methods

We've debugged them again, and finally, your error rate when using our payment methods went down to small percentages. You're coping! ;) And if something fails, we call you and we'll fine-tune it together. But if you have a problem at any time, call our HOTLINE: 773 002 808;)

Payment methods on Different.cz Payment methods on Different.cz

Different TV

www.DifferentTV.cz - you can find all the videos together on this domain. But you can still take us through the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/differentfashioncz ;) Some videos have more than 8000 viewing, so we can see that Different TV has become part of your fashion world;) THANK YOU!

Different TV - Fashion Internet TV Different TV - Fashion Internet TV

Encyclopedia of fashion brands - ModniZnacky.cz

We launched a project that we are proud of. The largest Czech encyclopedia of fashion brands. Read about the history and incredible stories of the world's fashion icons. We enjoy it very much. So we believe you will;)

Encyclopedia of fashion brands Encyclopedia of fashion brands

Of course, our team has expanded a bit, and we have done some other projects to commemorate next time :)

But there is still one thing that will never change. We are a nice team of people with great drive who love fashion and the things around it. We are a team that pulls one rope and we hope it's exactly what our customers appreciate. And in 2015 we will bring to the Czech Republic interesting world brands, communicate with our customers and make it all a bit DIFFERENT;)

When you are doing something with your heart, the way can be a goal.

... and beautiful Christmas and different year 2015! ;)
The whole team www.different.cz

Published by: Team Different

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