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What summer handbags are this year?

  17. 04. 2019      How to Dress Up


I'd like to buy a purse with you. Will you advise me what summer handbags this year?

Eva Dubská


Dear Eve,

It is clear. We are "experts" for handbags and because we have a lot in stock, we will give you a few tips on top summer women's handbags 2019 .

  1. Transparent Handbag Tommy Hilfiger - A clear handbag is a hot trend, do not be afraid to show what you wear in it.
  2. Plastic bag O bag - The big boom came from Italy a few years ago and is still on the top and it is no wonder, O summer bag is ideal.
  3. Tommy Hilfiger Bum bag - Bum bags reign this year! You can carry it on your chest, waist, or over your shoulder. It's the most comfortable and stylish thing to do.
  4. Anekke Backpack - Backpacks are great! Not only because they are practical, ideal for festivals, but also for casual wear. They are also beautiful, such as Anekke backpack.
  5. Crossbody Calvin Klein - Crossbody Handbag never ruins anything, you can touch this year's distinctive crossbody handbags from Calvin Klein.

handbag Tommy Hilfiger

Have a nice day at www.different.cz, wish Nikol.

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