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What shoes for the wedding?

  23. 02. 2018      How to Dress Up


I'm going to get married in August this year, I have a bit of an atypical white wedding dress, the front of the skirt is shorter and my ass has a long siding, I would like to have something unconventional. Will you help me?

Eliška Obermajerová


Dear Elishko,

Nowadays, the fancy fashion does not fit, so you are quite fortunate in the sense that you can make a wedding dress with virtually any type of shoe. Whether you choose perfect boats, sandals on needles or ballerinas, do not step beside, but if you are planning something extravagant, we definitely recommend Converse sneakers .

Low sneakers wear your clothes and skirts, and if your future husband lives on, you will have a really well-matched outfit and you will look, among other things, even in wedding photos. And you'll have really comfortable shoes to keep your wedding day and evening and theoretically and practically you can say that you've literally danced for your wedding at your wedding. If you wanted to have an extravagant wedding and be a little different , you just got the answer.

Nice day for www.different.cz Nikol.

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