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What scented candles are suitable for the cold months?

  13. 01. 2020      How to Dress Up

Hello Differente,

Given the still very cold and harsh weather, I would like to get some scented candles to create a cozy atmosphere at home. Do you have a tip for any suitable fragrances from Yankee Candle or WoodWick?

Thank you in advance

Differenťačka Jana


Have a nice day, Jano!

We still have a huge selection of luxury scented candles from both brands, so you will surely choose.

Our tip for scents that fit in cold days is as follows:

We would choose Warm Wool from WoodWick . A dreamy scent of warm wool and wild flowers that will invite you to relax. Or try our second favorite, Crimson Berries. This fragrance will envelop your home with a juicy fragrance of fruits and spices, so you can remember a little Christmas. :)

But if you are a fan of Yankee Candle, then our tips are as follows. All is Bright fragrance is a refreshing variation of Tipky winter fragrances. The combination of citrus and sweet musk is simply irresistible. If you wish to extend your beautiful Christmas time with at least the scent of home, then the Yankee Candle in the Frosty Gingerbread variant is the obvious choice! This wonderful smell of fresh gingerbread is almost indistinguishable from just baked candy. U.S!

In addition, all fragrances are available in different sizes and designs, so why not try more? :)

Markéta wishes a nice day for Different.cz

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