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What is sustainable fashion?

  16. 04. 2020      How to Dress Up

Good day,

on your site I have found several products called ECO and you also mention the concept of sustainable fashion. Could you please tell me exactly what this label means and what brands it covers?

Thank you

Tereza H.


Dear Terezo,

Yes! Indeed, we have recently expanded the selection of brands on Different.cz by the organic ones!

We know that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry globally. And because we love our planet, we decided to start working with brands that are referred to as sustainable or fair fashion.

Sustainable fashion is particularly under the auspices of brands seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, which deepens global warming and does not contribute to the overall ecosystem. However, these brands do not forget the materials used in production. Clothing is made from innovative materials and natural or recycled fibers. Some materials are often certified as organic or vegan , and this also applies to footwear. The consumption of water used in production is also supervised, which the brands try to minimize. Fair fashion does not forget the working conditions of employees in production. No child labor!

For example, discover:

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Markéta wishes a nice day for Team Different.cz