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Fashion Advice

What is jute? What items made from jute should I buy?

  31. 05. 2021      How to Dress Up

Good afternoon, Dobrý den, 

    I heard a lot of friends talking about JUTE these days. I think it probably should be almost a trend. What kind of material it really is? I thought about purchasing some items made from jute, but I am not sure what whould be the best... do you have any suggestions?  :-) 

Thank you for an answer, Veronica.


Hello, Veronica! 

   it is really the truth, that jute became a fashion trend in the last years and you can now buy a lot of accessories made from this material. Jute is an organic material that is pretty rough but also non-toxic and biodegradable. It is an eco detail on every item.

  If you are not sure about what to choose, you can may take a look to some new  sneakers by the australian brand Emu, made from jute and organic cotton, perfect for spring and summer season. Or maybe to some espadrilles by Tommy Hilfiger  or Calvin Klein, with awesome jute details. You can easily find also accessories like earrings or bracelets made from jute. To look like a star every day :-)