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What in 2018 rules the style? Desigual Denim!

  26. 02. 2018      From the fashion world

The fact that jeans have been worn for about two centuries is nothing new. The fact that denim has recently been combined with shades, we have become accustomed to this. But the fact that Desigual comes in with the beautiful, imaginative and original denim pieces in the new spring / summer 2018 collection, we get used to it, and we should not let our shopaholic spirit sleep.

The truth is that denim has always worn, wearing and wearing it! How did we ever come to it and how did it come from? Let's go ahead and start hunting these new beautiful pieces, say something! Let's go back to history and recall how denim actually came to the fashion world.

Blue work garments made of denim-like fabrics were worn by sailors in Genoa, Italy , in the 17th century (from the garbled French Jannes, about 200 years later, the word jeans ). In the mid-nineteenth century, Levi Strauss began selling workwear in denim in the US. The products were very successful on the market, their implementation was partly patented in 1873 (fastening of rivet pockets, etc.) and Denim soon became very popular in the fashion world.

But now enough of history. Right here and now we have clear and just current facts for you. And that - Material that has style and distinctive fashion charm. The material you will fall in love with. That's DENIM. And we've come up with dozens of new fashion pieces from the DESIGUAL SS18 collection. Comfortably sit down and choose yours! And add him with shoes from the new collectiondata-saferedirecturl = "https://www.google.com/url?hl=en&q=https://links.ibmcloud-101.acomware.email/ctt?kn%3D53%26ms%3DMjk2Mjg2MwS2%26r%3DMjU3NzM2ODE3MTAS1%26b % 3D0% 26j% 3DOTcwOTE5NTQzS0% 26mt% 3D1% 26r% 3D0 & source = gmail & ust = 1519493475786000 & usg = AFQjCNGTZ860n-5phJWyEUKrdbMizKD74w "id =" m_6012124157746768018_www_different_cz_melissa "> MELISSA SS18 . Yum!

Published by: Differenta Team

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