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What colors can be combined together and what in any case are not they?

  08. 02. 2018      How to Dress Up


I have a little problem with the combination of colors. I like to wear both black and brown in the base, what colors can I combine on them and what is wrong with them? Can I combine them together?

Iva Knechtová


Dear Ivo,

black / brown color combination is not recommended if it is dark brown with black. If you would have chosen a lighter shade, such as hazelnut, caramel or rust, then we recommend it. However, if you want to advise the universal color to both brown and black, you can choose blue . If you wear, for example, brown and black boots with a brown and black handbag, then you will not spoil the dark blue coat. Both colors will also look good in powder, white, beige, kerosene, khaki and all such "neutral" shades.

Colors that do not fit really are: violet with green, dark brown with black . We would estimate that out of our heads. Do not be afraid to combine, for example, orange with pink , it does not look bad at all. Recently, so-called monochrome outfits also fly. This means, for example, a combination of a wine top with a wine base, etc. But if you are not afraid of the colors, go to the Desigual brand , which has great colorful talents and all the color combinations on each piece look great.


Nice day for www.different.cz Nikol.

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