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What are organic folding bags made of?

  20. 02. 2020      How to Dress Up

Good day,

I saw in the e-shop that you offer folding bags LOQI. According to the label are said to be ecological, but they seem plastic to me. Can these bags really be considered a sustainable fashion product?

Thank you

Daniela Š.


Hello Daniela!

Thank you for an interesting suggestion. We will be happy to present the materials of this eco-friendly bag and explain what its sustainability is.

Introducing Polyester Taffeta!

Thanks to this material LOQI bag lasts and can carry everything! Sustainability also means "worn as far as possible", that is, simply to total tearing! Because Polyestrer is resistant to chemicals, abrasion and pulling, it will last a long time. In addition, it can only be washed by hand, so you use less water than washing cotton fabrics. When it no longer serves you, you can easily recycle your bags. This material is used to produce construction material and much more.

And this is TPU!

Another hero of the LOQI bag is Thermo Polyurethane. Elastic, airy, waterproof, shockproof, abrasion resistant, oil resistant ... and does not change color over time! That's a big deal, isn't it?
TPU is not toxic, it is also used in biomedicine. This material must not be confused with PVC or PET, which are harmful to both humans and the environment! In addition, it can also be recycled; the material can be dissolved and formed over and over again!

plus ...

Print without water

All products of this brand are printed without the use of water and ecological inks, which can be proud of the STANDARD 100 certificate from OEKO-TEX®.

And what does it look like in a factory?

LOQI is produced in China, in a family factory with 150 employees. However, a family factory does not mean that the brand employs children! ;) LOQI boasts BSCI accreditation that ensures that all employees benefit from a healthy work environment, adequate pay, safety, and fair employment rights. LOQI simply makes products that people and nature love!

Are you interested in this brand's ethical approach? Get a beautiful bag for yourself! HERE

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Have a nice day

Markéta for Team Different.cz

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