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We can do it together

  27. 03. 2020      From the fashion world

Let's continue
Sales on e-shops became the main distribution channel. And so we take all responsibility and work 100%.
Area managers, marketing and customer service work from home.
Do you hear our children talking to us in the background? We are also just people;)

What about cash on delivery?

Cash on delivery still works, but if you limit it as much as possible and make use of prepay, this will make it much easier for couriers. They have disinfectants, but manipulating money for them is obviously not the best.
And after 12 years of operation in 9 European countries, you can really trust us. Already 30% of you pay 100% safely by card. Thank you.

Carriers manage?

We update the list of carriers and offer you reliable ones in your cart.
When a carrier forbids cash on delivery, we immediately ban it in the basket. Let us smile at the couriers, they are now one of the heroes of today.

How we protect our customers and employees at work
We divided into more teams. We all wear masks and protective equipment when packing your items. We wash our hands 20 times a day and we are really careful. Don't worry, we realize what's at stake.

What about dispensing points?
We restrict the distribution points, but they continue to work. The consignment updates them every hour. And so, if we call you to change your shipping service or point of sale, we don't do it on purpose. We do this to make sure everything is fast, safe and hassle-free.

How are you doing?
We take it with a smile. The number of orders has fallen, but we believe that you will remain loyal to us and that we can do it together. Thank youwe have, and that you continue to enjoy yourself from time to time. Because we all need it now.

We can do it together. Your Team Differenta.com

Published by: Martin Špeta

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