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Wearing skirts with skirts?

  07. 02. 2017      How to Dress Up


will you please tell me if she still wears skirts with skirts? I like to wear a skirt in the summer, and when it cools in the evening, I just stretch the leggings under my skirt. Are not I saying "fashionably out" now?

Silvia Leonová


Dear Silvie,

do you know what's in the fashion business? ,, nose, that what makes you feel best. "And if you like to wear skirts, calmly under them can stretch leggings even if it is cleverly and by matching color, for example, tone on tone, I do not see a problem. Even brand Desigual presents leggings she skirts like 2 in 1. And so for us thumbs up.

Women's leggings Desigual

Nice day, Nikol from www.different.cz

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