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We Love Anekke and Its New Collection

  07. 05. 2018      From the fashion world

We love Anekke. There is no other way :) The new collection of the Spanish fashion brand Anekke for spring/ summer 2018 is absolutely divine. And we really fell in love with it. It is divided into two subcollections - Liberty and Venezia. It is for all brave, self-confident misses, ladies and women that love fashion, have style, traveling spirit and aren´t afraid of wearing original pieces. Let's have a look at this amazing Anekke collection. 

Anekke is a very lively brand, and every collection or subcollection has its own story with its distinctive style. We have already told you specific stories in the previous article about Anekke. Behind the Anekke brand you can imagine a variety of fashion accessories. Such as handbags, backpacks, laptop bags, purses, cases, small crossbody bags, umbrellas, or pens and pencils. In short, whatever you need to bring with you every day to school or just in case.

Anekke handbag

Why do we love Anekke? Because it´s a design, atypical brand with a sense of detail and it produces really high quality, practical and timeless pieces. Handbags and purses are always well arranged and mainly practically sectioned, they are made from high quality materials, so you don´t need to worry about them becoming worn out quickly. And because the Anekke brand isn´t much popular in our country (Yet!), we are unique wearing its pieces. And that's why we love Anekke and we feast our eyes with its pieces every day.

We are an authorized Anekke e-shop and we have been selling fashionable pieces by the world brands since 2008. You can be sure that pieces from our e-shop will definitely make you happy. Don´t hesitate anymore. They are beautiful, aren´t they?


Anekke handbag

Anekke backpack

More inspiration and a specific story about the Anekke spring / summer 2018 collection can be found in our video on Different TV !

Published by: Differenta Team

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