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We have a new brand of plastic shoes - Ipanema

  19. 06. 2018      From the fashion world

We have come up with such a little nasty thing here and we would like to officially admit it to you. We love plastic shoes. Since we have branded Melissa , Crocs, and Zaxy on our eshop sailboat, we barely wear anything on our feet. Well, sometimes we also invite Conversky or Hilfigers, but somehow it's the most weighing on the plastic bits, for a few simple reasons. They are durable, timeless, comfortable, adaptable and environmentally friendly. And to make our plastic collection a little more expandable, we have boarded a new brand. Ipanema.

Ipanema flip flops

Ipanema was founded in 2001 and comes from Brazil. A particular name has been gained thanks to the well known acrobats in Rio de Janeiro, which is famous for its endless life. The shoes will not deny their origin, especially because they are wearing a pattern, which is the paved beach Ipanema Calçadão. Some shoes have this pattern on the soles, some on the inner insole.


The common feature of all shoes is, of course, a material called Flexpand that is 100% recyclable . So when you get your shoes, you will not only enjoy yourself but also the environment. The brand is additionally affordable and it can be said that the prices of these quality shoes are more than acceptable. Ipanema became famous for most flip-flops. For this brand, the flip-flops are legendary and when you go on holiday and look around, we bet you that you will see a lot of flippers from this brand and there is nothing to be surprised about. We did not resist, not because we wanted to blend with the crowd, but just because we wanted to get out of it. They are not flip-flops like flip-flops, they are flip-flops, quality and stylish .

Ipanema flip flops

So far, it looks like the brand is just making flip-flops. Do not be mistaken. Ipanema also offers stylish sandals or comfortable slippers . Every year there comes a brand with different trends and designs in unblemished color scales and shapes. So you always have to choose from. We, too, carefully choose each and every one of us, and we keep our passwords: Be Different.

The Ipanema brand also carries Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Kate Hudson, or Ashton Kutcher. In short, iconic shoes wear well known celebrities that love people from all over the world, so join us to fall in love with these amazing shoes, into this brand.

Ipanema shoes

Ipanema sandals

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