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Wax Yankee Candle

  03. 09. 2018      From the fashion world

The Yankee Candle brand has long been talking and writing. Let's focus only on the fragrance wax of this brand! Why are they so popular? What are their benefits and what do you care about? Get started and find out everything.

Yankee Candle fragrance waxes do not only need to be used in the aroma lamp, although it is the most traditional and most popular way of using, it is also suitable for disposing of a wardrobe, drawers or a wardrobe.


  • Their size is inexpensive - the wax is just in the hand (22 g), and from this is derived the generally available price. So if you start with the Yankee Candle brand and you are not sure about the choice of scents or just do not want to invest in a bigger candle, then definitely go for wax and you will not regret it.
  • the interior will take up to 20 hours - the time

the interior for up to 20 hours (varying according to the intensity of the fragrance), it is an inexpensive trial size if you do not want to invest in the candle right now and can be combined. In addition, you can choose another scent by mood and weather every day. Wax dissolve in aromalamp with a standard tea candle. Do not put it in the water. The wax is fully dissolved in a few minutes. You can pour more types of wax into the dish, just be careful not to spill into the dish. We recommend not to place the aromalamp near the wall, very rarely it may happen that the wax is a bit prickly. Once the teapot burns out, you can light another. The amount of wax does not diminish, only weakens the fragrance. If you wish to remove the wax, allow it to cool completely and put the aromalamp in the freezer, in a few minutes the wax is easily peeled out.


If you want to change the smell, but you have the rest of the wax in the candle holder , it is enough

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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