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Waterproof boots for winter

  23. 01. 2019      From the fashion world

The winter is in full swing, and so is its combined pleasure. Skiing, climbing, bobbing, playing with friends, family, children. And it wants shoes that keep our feet warm and especially dry!

Shoes that do not let you know right now! We tried them for you and believe it is worth it!

Do not go, CROCS!

"Crocsy" need not be imagined. The brand of extremely lightweight and comfortable boots for this winter offers a popular and reliable type of snow that will keep you warm and thanks to the rubber tip and waterproof nylon you will not even drop a drop of water above. Their soles are additionally anti-skid, so you do not have to worry about falling down in the winter. Walking in them is pleasantly rocking, and so after many hours of wear you feel that your feet literally pamper in your arms.

When I have the EMU shoes, I get a cold with the winter.


Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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