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Wallets that have style

  27. 03. 2015      From the fashion world

We all know that. Nice to go out and hurry to shop. We have great shine shoes, a well-fitting coat turns around where someone, a narcotic and yet pleasant scent, is behind us line as the most loyal companion. We choose clothes, perfume, food and go to pay for it. At this point, the second phase is becoming beautiful.

Choosing the right wallet is very important and where everyone forgets and underestimates it. It's one of the things we show more about underwear. And that's just how we choose our underwear pretty carefully, do not you think?

Thorough choice of wallet is important in many ways. For example, it must look good, money, all credit, debit and discount cards, which, hand to heart, is never enough and also a citizen, a driver, a family photo, a patch, a card with a blood group, a card screaming: lenses and the like. Is that crazy and you just do not see anywhere?

Each of the above mentioned things is in my place and I will show you some wonderful and yet practical wallets from various fashion brands that will make paradise and order in your "accounting".

Wallets for demanding women

desigual-penezenka-zip-around-sd disaster-designs-penezenka-kliccv disaster-designs-penezenka-s-jezkyvb disaster-designs-penezenka-s-ribbons

Portmonka, when you do not want to carry all the papers, cards and little things with you

cvdf disaster-designs-penezenka-portmonka-paper-plane disaster-designs-penezenka-la-boutique-shopping

Wallet for demanding men


So what? Have you even chosen yours ??

Published by: Team Different

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