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  10. 10. 2018      Different TV CZ / SK


Do you want to be as enchanted as we are? Sit back comfortably. Make a cup of tea or coffee and have something good. This is the only way to enjoy a new episode from Woodwick's Different TV workshop.

Woodwick has been produced since 2006 and gradually began to promote worldwide . The cornerstone of this brand is the production of scented waxes and candles. It also offers fragrant gels and straws. Today we will mainly imagine Woodwick candles.

Woodwick candles have countless beautiful features that make them stand out from all competitors. Let's go to the first property - a wooden wick. The wood wick is made of natural wood and thanks to this wick it makes a candle soothing the sound of crackling wood. And you just have to hear it! Another key feature is processing.

Whether it is the shapes of candles themselves, which are in glass "vases" or the filling that the candles contain . Woodwick's decorative candle processing is divided into different sizes and shapes. Vases can be small, medium and large, or ship-shaped. When we focus on the filling of candles we know that something is different . Woodwick candles are filled with soy wax, which can have different color combinations and aromas.

If you still want to learn more, check out the new episode full of information about Woodwick. And if you gave our advice at the beginning of this article, believe that such well-being with Woodwick candles awaits you every day. Because you can't resist.

Woodwick candles

Published by: Martin Špeta

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