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  25. 03. 2019      Different TV CZ / SK


Scent. A word that accompanies us in every corner in the last days. With the advent of spring, the air has completely changed and so we are enjoying the right, spring atmosphere. And what does that really mean to us? After all, the performance of the beautiful collection in Melissa shoes.

Who has been following us for some time knows that Melissa shoes are a heart matter for us. These are our favorite shoes that have been accompanying us on our journey from the very beginning. No wonder we loved them so much . Let's see what is new in the new Melissa 2019 collection .

For spring and summer , the brand has prepared some hot news and trends that Simča will tell you more about. You will learn, for example, what the difference is between powder and old-pink or what will hit this spring and summer. But don't worry, it doesn't stop with colors. Together we will look at the new models that Melissa has prepared for us. We will present beautiful, fragrant sneakers, slippers and even flip flops. Mmm!

Make yourself comfortable, because there is a new episode full of interesting information. Have a good time and be sure to let us know on Facebook, what you like about this year's collection and what you find interesting.


Published by: Martin Špeta

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