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Vigar - Practical home accessories that will amaze

  18. 11. 2015      From the fashion world

Homework does not have to be boring at all. Even the time you postpone for as long as possible. With the Spanish brand of home accessories Vigar, you can make it easier not only to clean, but additionally, after the cleaning, you will be able to decorate your home.

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Vigar has been on the market more than 50 years ago, and is currently one of the most popular home accessories brands in more than 40 countries around the world. Do you know what the Spanish brand could attract so many people? The answer is - originality! The eccentricity and courage in design and colors is a daily routine in Spain, so the piece of originality has been transferred by designers there to small accessories that will make your day more comfortable and make your home more varied.

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One of the most important categories of this brand on which designers are based are home accessories for cleaning. Brushes of all types, colors and designs are available. Do you think the blond lady brush sounds a little infantile? Take a look at the gallery and immediately find out that you have loved their novel design. In addition, each brush is also taken from the practical side, so stands or self-holding handles are commonplace. Vigar, of course, thought of your four-legged pets, so in new collections you will find pet kits featuring a color matching bowl with a dog or cat head brush. The sweep designers have devised merry brooms with blades.

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The bathroom is lit up with the home accessories as well as the kitchen. Bathroom sets containing a liquid soap dispenser and a sponge have several imaginative designs in several colorful colors. Thus, a blooming garden can be a part of your one-color washbasin.

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Household accessories definitely do not keep the slogan "to clean up and hide" because you love them to your friends and leave them exposed on the kitchen.

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Vigar also thought of friends with a few moments, so you can choose a few options suitable for dining. The pepper mill in the form of a gentleman in a tie, a stylish fruit bowl or a wine stopper like a lady in a hat? Your friends will surely reap the admiration of your originality.

All these accessories are suitable not only for your home, but also as a perfect gift for relatives or friends.

Author: Klára Brázdová

Published by: Differenta Team

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