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Under Armor - How to Lay Clothes?

  14. 11. 2018      From the fashion world

It's not so long ago that we put on the Different.cz a new sporty and especially trendy brand Under Armor. It is not so long ago that we have also provided you with basic information on Different magazine in the article Under Armour - a new brand and our eshop . In this article, let's tell you how to wear the Under Armor bits, why they wear them, and how to actually lay them.

The Under Armour brand uses three basic weather-dependent technologies for its functional outfit. The first is Cold Gear , which you wear when it's cold outdoors and you can go running or perform any winter sports even if the thermometer shows the degrees below zero. The other is the Heat Gear , which you wear when it's hot outdoors, to cool you down. Logical. Finally, the third is the All Seasons Gear , which perfectly protects you when there are no extreme weather conditions outside.

If you are sporting a lot, sports may be alive or you only depend on it, for whatever reason, you need to know what you probably know should be choosing the right fancy clothing. During the sport, the body heats up, then there is an automatic thermoregulation process, which means that it begins to cool down and you experience sweat. You can sweat, sometimes it can leave odor traces. So it is not good to choose pure cotton clothes that only sweat the sweat, make up unsightly cakes and it is not even pleasant. It is necessary to choose the functional pieces that sweat away from the body while absorbing them and drying them quickly, they remain light and pleasant.

How do I lay clothes Under Armor?

  • The first layer should ideally adhere to the body, called the so-called second skin. It takes the sweat away from the body, it immediately dries out and remains light. The body is also dry.
  • The second layer should warm you up, which is important for sports to make you feel comfortable by having your muscles warm.
  • The third layer should protect you from environmental influences, such as in bad weather.

Let yourself be inspired by our video, and do not let anyone discourage sport and nobody. Health and happiness - endorphins.

Published by: Differenta Team

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