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Under Armour - a new brand on Different.cz

  09. 10. 2018      From the fashion world

So it's here, the long awaited moments just happened and we've put a new brand on you on Different.cz ! It's a sporty, timeless and highly acclaimed Under Armor brand, and when we're going to introduce you slowly, you probably will not be surprised to be a bumper. This is not just a brand for fitness maniacs or marathon. It is a brand for all who like to go out for a trip to nature or just for a playground. In short, let's take a look at this American fashion brand Under Armor .

Under Armor

A little of history

Under Armour was founded in 1996 and was founded by Kevin Plank , 23-year-old former University of Maryland football captain . He was inspired by football. As a defender he was often poisoned by the constant change of sweaty jerseys and did not miss out that only the compression shorts he wore remained dry. And so he tried to create such a T-shirt that would draw moisture out of his body while staying dry. After several attempts, he developed his first prototype of such a T-shirt in several pieces, which he gave to his teammates and met with tremendous success. Kevin then began working on improving the technology of microfibers that would keep any athlete dry. And he managed to break him into the world.

Technology in points

  • Moisture Transport System - a special technology that drains the sweat from the body to the surface - sports pieces make it easier to dry

  • UA Storm1 - Specially developed water repellent material

  • Armor®Fleece - performance-promoting material, replacing common old cotton sweatshirts, is very light, yet the body keeps warm

  • DWR - a very breathable, water-repellent material that repels rain and snow to keep the body dry longer

  • ColdGear Infrared - This technology uses a soft, heat-conducting inner layer that absorbs heat, holds it and distributes over the entire area of ​​the garment.

  • ColdGear Reactor - intelligent technology that perfectly keeps heat while regulating it to avoid overheating of the sportsman

  • Charged Cotton - a revolutionary cotton that is incredibly comfortable for casual wear and sporty training, is as functional as possible and quickly removes sweat from the body

  • UA Tech - soft, breathable, comfortable and fast-drying fabric

  • HeatGear - highly breathable sweat, original "second skin"


  • Loose - free cut for greater range of movement and maximum comfort

  • Compression - Ultra tight, fitting "second skin", reinforces body, compression

  • Fitted - Body-shaped, designed to fit perfectly on the body without the effect of compression

  • Semi Fitted - neither tight nor loose, just like that

  • Regular - A sports cut designed to allow movement without unnecessary surplus material

Under Armor

Under Armor means "in armor" , so it is also the case with this brand. Every bit will keep women, men and children in a dry and comfortable way. At our eshop you will find lots of great pieces that you can wear for both sports and leisure activities. Women's Under Armor jumpers in different colors, T-shirts, tops or sports tracksuits.

Men's Under Armor shoes are the ultimate in sports shoes. Men's underwear underwear is up to date with our e-shop. You can choose gentlemen from the head to the heel and believe you will love them as much as we do.

Under Armor

Published by: Differenta Team

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