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Tropical Summer asks tropical motifs

  02. 08. 2018      From the fashion world

Summer is in full swing! Temperatures rise as well as its sales. Holiday, wind, beach, palm, laughter, and the positive energy that the sun rays ... and that you are not going to be in this tropical paradise this year? Does not matter. Treat him at least!

Open the door of your wardrobe and your hearts with attractive tropical motifs that shine with all the cheerful colors, enhancing the mood and spells of a smile on your face as soon as you see it.

Whether you choose a varied or rather decent option, you will be overlooked. It's good for all, dark-haired and blonde women, groomers and babies. These are just motives that you can not be afraid of and go boldly into them.

Check out these awesome Deha ! Are not they fantastic? They are! Easily combine them with any one-color tuxedo, tunic, t-shirt, denim jacket or thinner sweater. The same will be with the boots - you can bring ballerinas, boots, sneakers and slippers to such trousers. Combine either one of the colors from a palette of trousers or a versatile white or black and definitely do not step next to it.

Dresses, dresses, dresses! In the summer they are a favorite piece of many women. Have you tried the Desigual Tropical Maxi? No? So fast for them because they disappear from the warehouse by the speed of light. The exotics are literal, so everyone wants to have them not only for a holiday but also for the weekdays when we want to feel like the goddess of the tropical forest.

What about a tropical scuffle on the legs? In hot and cold days, we have the right couples for you. Converse sneakers with palm leaves or Ipanema flip flops with exotic flowers. In both of you will walk like a cloud.

The imaginary icing on the cake is a perfect addition to any outfit. Draw Desigual's handbag from which the summer holiday glows with colorful patterns. And we can not forget the Desigual scarf, it will be fine-tuned, cool in the warmer evenings and will be a stylish companion on the beach, where you can use it as a parrot for swimsuits.

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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