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Trendy autumn coats of this season

  19. 09. 2017      From the fashion world

And we have the fall! The times we love and hate. The time when nature envelops the most magical colors, but also the season of emotional storms. Whether you belong to fans or opponents of autumn, we all have something in common. In short and well, you have to get a little bit of a piece. And what would be a fashion eshop if we did not tell you what to wear this year. And because it would be a long story, we'll start with the most important, and that's autumn coats.

To begin with, you should know that coats have always been, are, and will be trendy. Only material, color and editing change. Most of the time you can wear a few seasons, until you simply and simply stop having fun. At our eshop, you can choose fashionable Scotch & Soda or Desigual fashion pieces, and we can guarantee that you will not stop having fun.


The Desigual brand is colorful, we know, but the last collection is a bit more moderate. Although the colors are worn and wearing them, the unicolour pieces in the unconventional look are "in" this year, but the denim is timeless but the denim jackets are legendary, but what about the Desigual denim coat is less common and this autumn is absolute top.

Desigual denim coat

Scotch & Soda

The ultimate trend is the Scotch & Soda woolen coat that blends classic with elegance. Timeless mustard color adds to it and ensures long-lasting wearing. The coat is warm, so you can wear it even in the winter months, plus you can take any outfit, whether sporty or elegant.

Scotch & Soda mustard coat

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