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Trendy affair in the fall and winter? Ponča!

  07. 11. 2016      From the fashion world

Absolute trends are ponchos. A style that a lot of us feared at first, which was not natural to us at all. Bulky shawls, robes, blankets, so we could call poncho. It did not last long and poncho became an integral part of our wardrobes.

Ponca can be worn in a variety of ways, through thinner coats or jackets that not only lighten your outfit but also warm you up. There are different cuts and materials, combinations of colors and motifs. What ponchos are concerned, do not be afraid to experiment a little. No matter what color, material, and motive you choose, it's important that it's big, it's cut and dull. So let's see how the ponch wears.

Desigual poncho Luna

Comfortable piece of Scotch & Soda , which you simply throw over yourself. Poncho is made of solid, warm material and has a specific cut, looks great in combination with a leatherette or a sweater.

Scotch & Soda Poncho

The poncho that brightens your overall outfit is definitely the Desigual brand . The red color and the popular mandala motif are typical for Desigual. In addition, the turtleneck and trendy fringes at the bottom are subject to the latest fashion trends of the current season. Desigual Poncho Clara

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