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Trend Summer 2018 - SLIDE PANTOFLE

  11. 06. 2018      From the fashion world

Slide Slippers - Hot fashion trend of the summer season, which many of us certainly did not anticipate. Previously worn only at home, at school, or in the garden. Today they are must have a piece that every woman wants (preferably in several versions), or even a man! And why? Because they simply do not compete in comfort.

There are so many and every couple is unique and irresistible. Choose from sporty and elegant, one-color and colorful, decorated or simple, low, platform, single-stripe or two. You can get them to work, on a date, party, beach or water. For sports outfits, casual skirts and elegant dresses.

Do you already have a frost on your back? Is it clear that at least one must not be missing in your shoe? Let's get it! One of them is the Calvin Klein slippers , which fell in love with the whole world. The versatile black and white combinations , universal design and brand names are literally saying admiration!

Calvin Klein shoes

With PVC boots the so-called torn bag and it does not matter! For example, look for these Melissa slippers ? Are not they amazing? They are! That's what the Red Riding Hood will envy you, not only for their timeless design , but also for the scent that is so typical of the brand. Now just decide whether to reach the higher platforms or rather to stick to the ground :-)

Melissa slippers

You can enjoy more love in Zaxy slippers ! And because there must be love for two, this couple can not be divided, otherwise it would not make sense ;-)

Zaxy shoes

That Crocs has long been not only "clogs" we know, but the design of slippers from Spring / Summer 2018 collection is breathtaking. They have massage points that will make you look like a cloud all day, support your vault and keep them easy so you did not even think about it. You can make a low and higher version, you will not regret!

Crocs shoes

But if you are not a fan of plastic shoes (and before you make it ;-)) do not worry, we also have slippers for you to receive your attention and your heart. These top-of-the-line Tommy Hilfiger slippers are the ultimate to fit the sleeker outfits, and we can not overlook the Desigual slippers where you can definitely enjoy the summer.

Tommy Hilfiger slippers

Desigual Shoes

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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