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Trend of plastic shoes! Why are they wearing them?

  02. 05. 2018      From the fashion world

Why should we and mainly want to wear plastic shoes ? So surely because they are original, trendy, quite comfortable and especially easy to wash! Also, because the legs easily adapt, they are light and beautifully soft! Certainly because it will last you even a few seasons, it fits with all the outfits, and it just does not make you angry! The trend of plastic shoes inherently belongs to the annual spring and summer season. Why? You already know that. And what brand of plastic shoes do you find on our eshop? Melissa, Zaxy and Crocs.

Plastic shoes are not just beach flip-flops, which are disgusting and painfully cut between our fingers. Plastic bottles, wedge shoes, heels, boots, sneakers, sandals and slippers are also available in plastic . That's what the brands say.

Each shoe brand uses different material. The Zaxa and Melissa brands produce shoes from the material called Melflex , Melissa, which adds a perfumed essence to it, so your shoes will not only get the shoe. The Melflex material is soft and supple, and some boots also have a memory insole, so you can walk around day and night.

The Crocs brand is known especially thanks to, at first glance, "ugly" plastic clogs, but we have loved it for their maximum comfort, but the brand went with time, so you can choose any shapes and styles from your shoes, from slippers to ballerinas or even slip-ons Crocs for the production of his shoes use Croslite material , which is also very soft, adaptable, but especially amazingly lightweight Crocs shoes also have an orthopedic inner insole with massage points - they are not harmful to health when we are at they are even environmentally friendly and for those who spend their days and hours practically indispensable.

Melissa shoes

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