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Top outfits for summer festivals

  28. 05. 2018      From the fashion world

Summer without summer festivals is not summer. Or at least most of us can not imagine it without them. Summer is still not officially here, but it can still be said that the festival season has begun. Our Different Team has already experienced a few fests this year, and since we are a fashion eshop, we have decided to write a few inspiring tips for the festival outfit. Thanks to the fact that we had a few festivals, we had a lot of inspiration. So let's get it.


Whether you're going to a music festival or a Food Festival, our outfits definitely determine the weather. Such a base should undoubtedly be a backpack, which is also supposed to be a fashionable piece for this season. You can simply put a raincoat or other warmer layers into your backpack.

What we'll talk about, perhaps the most comfortable outfit for ladies is a dress. And these women's Desigual dresses in Boo Chic Styles are a bright festival look. They are sexy, comfortable and are subject to current fashion trends. The dresses are distinctive, so you can tune in with simple fashion accessories.

women's dress Desigual

If you prefer a more sporty style, reach for the Calvin Klein brand , the black-gold top and shorts will make you feel comfortable and sexy and you will definitely shine at all the summer festivals, minimally connected to water entertainment. This simple outfit, complete with stylish flip-flops, slide slippers and a stylish backpack. Do not be afraid to be adorned with a cap of the same brand.

calvin klein

As we mentioned at the beginning, the most important part of the festal look, it is a backpack. The backpack is the trend of this year's fashion season, suited to both elegant and sporty outfits. With your backpack you are cute but also practical. You pack both warmer clothes for the night and a good snack. In addition, it will become your companion for casual wear, for excursions, or for school and work.

Desigual backpack

Absolute trend is this year's sneakers on the platform . In the sneakers on the platform you will definitely have to be ashamed of anything. Whether you are small or high, they look good on all types of characters. With the platforms on this platform, this bag has literally been ripped this year, offering almost every brand, at least those from our eshop, so you really have to choose from. Our favorites are these great Converse Sneakers.

sneakers on the Converse platform

Published by: Differenta Team

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