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  09. 08. 2019      Different TV CZ / SK



Unresolved mysteries or unanswered questions have been accompanying mankind since time immemorial. Some of them can be explained, but many remain unresolved. But beware! The secret team, Different from the Mysteries Department, chose one such question and then solved it. But don't worry, it's not scary or otherwise scary. Today we have prepared a part of DifferentTV about beautiful, Brazilian brand Ipanema. So you really don't have to worry about anything. Perhaps maybe ... Well, you just fall in love.

Ipanema brand is inherently part of the portfolio of the brand at Different.cz . She has found a place with many of you and we are very pleased. For this reason, we wanted to introduce you to Ipanema a little more than a Brazilian brand.

Ipanema was founded in 2001 in Brazil. Specifically in the carnival city…. Rio de Janeiro. Ipanema shoes were produced by Grendene in the same year and in this city, which also manufactures your favorite brand Melissa or Zaxy .

But Ipanema are not just ordinary flip-flops and slippers. Ipanema shoes conceal something extraordinary. Something he admires and knows the whole world. This is something you can find just in the above-mentioned Rio. And what could it be? You have to look at that in our next episode.


Published by: Martin Špeta

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