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  03. 07. 2017      Different TV CZ / SK


Every woman wants to be stylish, beautiful, but she does not want to pull 4 suitcases full of clothes ... What about it?

The so-called "must have" things are a uniquely elegant Scotch & Soda dress that you can dress for a lot of opportunities and match them with everything.

In the sea, the men do not start their eyes with Calvin Klein's charming swimsuits. And when you're on land? Shuffle over the colorful pareo Desigual :)

Walking on hot sand or sharp stones is not always what you want. So do not forget to put on the orthopedic crocs .

And what would it be like without a party? But what clothes to take? Well, surely Culito from Spain - simple, original and most pleasant.

As soon as you take a trip to nature, you will certainly appreciate the airy Desigual T-shirt that you simply match with colorful shorts.

Just one shoe with you? NEMSYSL! No, it does not exist! Perhaps you must have such a fragrant sandals Melissa !


Published by: Radek Vandra

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