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Top 3 bot brands that should not be missed in your shoe

  05. 05. 2017      From the fashion world

The fact that shoes are the basis, we probably agree. In our shoes, we spend most of the day, whether we are at work or on walks, or we travel there. What brands and trends are currently rolling the fashion world? How to combine style and comfort? You will learn this in this article where we have clear facts and inspiration for you.

Converse Sneakers


Converse's sneakers are legendary and we can promise you that they will never go out of fashion. It's been a hundred years on the market, and that clearly tells you to own at least one pair. Converse cans are versatile and suitable for any outfit.

If you do not have any Conversions yet, and you are flirting with the idea of ​​making them, you just do not know which, we guarantee that you will not do anything if you take the white Converse , which you combine absolutely with everything. Recently, the trend of elegant outfits has grown in the sporting spirit. The ladies wear skirts and dresses with ladies Converse and gentlemen wear sneakers with color socks that are not afraid to hide. Of course, we talk about Happy Socks .

The new Converse collection also comes with an amazing slice of comfort, which is a comfortable insole, called Lunarlon. For example, you can know this comfortable innovation from Nike. Chuck Taylor All Star moves forward. The new Chuck Taylor All Star II , which is currently available with the already mentioned insole, will love the first tire.

Converse Sneakers


Another top piece that you should know the least and own is the Toms shoes . The Toms brand is hand-made shoes that are made with love and detailed in detail. The brand is famous for its unique escorts by Toms , but spreads its ideas on other shapes. It offers tennis shoes or wedge shoes. And not only for these unique shoes is the Toms brand known. She was also famous for working with the One For One project, when she sold one pair of shoes for a pair of free children to a developing country. So it's great that the whole world helps you to help you.

Toms Shoes


What you should not miss in your shoe is at least one pair of plastic, fragrant Melissa bottles. Melissa 's ballerinas have loved botanists around the world and are not surprised, they are first-class pieces made of special Melflex material that is soft and adaptable and easy to maintain. But Melissa is not just a ballerina, you can choose from a myriad of different shapes. But they all have something in common, they smell of chewing gum. Most shoes additionally have a memory soft footbed and are really comfortable. It does not matter, take your heels on your feet and feel physically and mentally well what you say.

Sandals Melissa

What pieces of Converse's current collection, for example, come from? You can look at it in our video ...

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